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Many manuals do not have a "Karting" title but they do contain valuable diagrams and rebuild specifications for engines such as McCulloch, Power Products, Clinton, Homelite, Westbend, Poulan  and more. Here are just a few examples.

Eighth Edition
MC2 to MC9 STD series 
MC10 to MC75 Super Series 



Published by Intertec Publishing Corporation  1966

Ninth Edition - Same section as Eighth Edition with the addition of a new section: MC49, MC49C, MC90, MC91, MC91A, MC100, MC101

The transition from 8th to 9th edition is significant due to the addition of the 101 series. 

Later editions contain more of the series.
For example the 17th edition contains in addition to the what's in the 9th edition:
MC91B, MC91C, MC101A, MC101C

Published by Intertec Publishing Corporation 

The Chain Saw service manuals are also useful containing Clinton and Power Products based saws by:.
Huffco, Sears, Lombard and Mono saws all used versions of Power Products engines.
Westbend 580's 820's are also covered in this manual but not in the detail as the Small Engines manuals above. McCulloch Chainsaws such as the 99 (9.9 CI) and many other motors in this book for 1957 to 1963 karts as that is what was available in those years. These engines were also approved for the early racing classes.

Published by Intertec Publishing Corporation:
1974 4th Edition
1966 2nd edition


Similar to manuals above.

Outboard service manual. Contains information on McCulloch, Clinton and Westbend outboards. One of the McCulloch outboards has the same displacement as the MC49 kart engine so they may have some interchangeable parts. This example may also apply to Clintons and Westbends.
Published by Intertec Publishing Corporation